Shared ride

When booking a shared ride, you will share your ride to or from Arlanda with other travelers whose bookings matches yours timewise. Our dispatchers will assign you a car with a suitable route when your trip is approaching. In addition to your own stop, a shared ride usually makes two stops in the direction of Arlanda.  When you enter your travel information when booking a shared ride, our system calculates your pick-up time including margins for other pick-ups.

For each booking with a shared ride, only one address can be selected. The customer is not able to add or choose stops for the route.

How do I find out in what order i will be picked-up or dropped-off?

We can not guarantee in what order the pick-ups and stops take place in advance. If you are a number of people who wish to travel in the same shared ride, but want to go from different addresses, you need to make a booking from/to each address. 

Non-stop van

You can choose to book your own ride to or from the airport. A non-stop van takes you directly from the pick-up point to your chosen final destination, without picking up other passengers. When choosing a non-stop service, it is not possible for the customer to add a stop during the ride.

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