Child & child seat policy

We will gladly provide safety seats for your children at no additional cost. You book your child seat while booking your ride in the app or on the website, by choosing what kind of safety seat you want and how many. The customer is responsible for booking a safety seat that suits your child, judging on the child's length and body stability.

We offer:

  • For children up to about 5 years: rear-facing child seats
  • For children over 5 years: Booster seats
  • Infants: If you are traveling with infants you need to bring your own safety seat. Infants must not sit in the adult's knees during the trip. Your child is an infant up to about 6-9 months, or until the child can sit steadily in a car seat.

For each booking, only two rear-facing safety seats and two booster seats can be booked.

Everyone traveling with us is considered a passenger and pays the same price for their trip, regardless of age.

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