Lost & found

Passengers are responsible for their own luggage and any items placed by themselves or Door to Gate representatives in the van. Flygbussarna Door to Gate assumes no liability in the event of damage, if it is not directly caused by Door to Gate. Flygbussarna Door to Gate assumes no liability in loss or theft of property and luggage. Valuable property, technical equipment and cash should not be stored in the luggage compartment and will not be compensated in case of loss.

Flygbussarna Door to Gate and its operators are also not liable for lost items left behind in the vehicle by a customer. However, Door to Gate does want to help customers reunite with lost items whenever possible.

If you have lost something we recommend you to:

  • After drop-off at Arlanda, please contact our curbside staff outside of the arrival hall by Terminal 5, 4 and 2
  • After drop-off at your own selected address, or when your item is not to be found at Arlanda, please contact our partner Sodexo, by filling in our lost & found form.

Customers are responsible for picking up their lost items when found.

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