Booking a ride later than our recommendations

You travel later than our recommended pickup time when you decide to book a pickup outside the times that our system recommends. If you do so, we cannot guarantee that you will arrive on time at the airport. The time we recommend for you to travel is always what automatically comes up as suggestions when you book your trip in the app or on the website. The time we set is carefully calculated in our systems and is based on your pickup address, number of stops on the way and the day and time your flight departs.

If you try to book your trip too close to the time of your flight departure for us to guarantee that you arrive at the airport in good time, a message will appear where we have to check the availability of cars to pick you up. Our recommendation is that you book your ride 24 hours before the time you need to travel, but it is possible to book up to 4 hours before your flight departure. Flygbussarna Door to Gate is not responsible for fees resulting from a missed flight for customers who booked a pickup later than the recommended time. However, you can always opt for an earlier departure than the recommended time.

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