When traveling from the airport

When traveling from the airport, we recommend you to pre-book your ride. You can also book your trip directly at the airport, through our app or webpage.

When you book your ride from Arlanda, the reservation is not fixed to a specific time, but is regulated according to your arrival time. When making the reservation, you specify the time your flight is originally scheduled to arrive.


Check in for your trip with Door to Gate

By checking in, you let us know that you have landed at the airport and are ready for your pick-up. First after checking in, your car will drive to the terminal you choose to pick you up. You can check in within 24 hours of your specified arrival time. This means that your booking with Door to Gate will not get affected if your flight is delayed.

How to check in:

  • By the app: You always get a note in the app when you open it after landing, asking you if you want to check in. You can also access the "My trips" tab in the app and then click "Check in" for your current trip.
  • By text: Note! This requires that you have entered a correct phone number. You will receive a text with a link after you landed, which allows you to start your check-in without having to log in to the app.
  • With help from a Flygbussarna host at the bus stop: Between 07:00-01:30 at terminal 5 bus stop 1-2, 07:30-22:00 at terminal 4 bus stop 6-7 and 08:00-00:30 at terminal 2 bus stop 5-6, our Flygbussarna hosts are available to help you check in for your ride.

When you check in, you will receive instructions to your phone on how to find our pick-up location, depending on the terminal you indicated you are at. You will also be able to follow your assigned car on a map, as well as contact your driver if required.

Your car will normally arrive and pick you up within 20 minutes of check-in. During rush hour, the availability of cars may vary since we do not have an unlimited amount. In these situations, a slightly extended waiting period may occur.


Pickup Locations:

Terminal 5 – bus stop 11
Terminal 4 – bus stop 5
Terminal 3 & 2 – bus stop 7-8

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