Booking a reservation

You book your reservation fast and easy in our Flygbussarna Door to Gate app or directly on our website. Reservations to the airport are always required, for us to be able to plan your trip, so that you will get to the airport in good time for your flight. For reservations from the airport, they are not required, but highly encouraged to make your journey more comfortable.

We suggest reserving your ride 24 hours in advance of the time you need to travel, but it is possible to book up to 4 hours before your flight departure. Shorter advance notice may limit our availability to meet your needs, and those booked less than two hours in advance of pickup time are non-refundable once booked.

The pickup time that is automatically listed when you enter your travel information, is based on if you clicked the box for international flights or not in your reservation. This is the suggested pickup time, to make sure that you arrive at the airport in a good time. If you have an international/charter flight, we are planning that you should find yourself at the airport 1h and 50 min before flight departure. If you have an domestic/schengen flight, we plan your pickup so that you are at the airport 50 min before departure. You can always choose an earlier time by clicking on the field for pickup.

Once you have a booking you will recieve an email confirmation.

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