Payment methods

Customers must pay at the time of booking to secure their reservations. Only payment by credit or debit card is possible. For reservations booked curbside payment we only accept payment by card. 

Direct Bill
Customers can also choose to pay by Direct Bill accounts. You can register your account in the app or on the website under your "Wallet". Accounts are billed after the reservation is complete. These accounts are typically managed as part of Corporate Accounts and require credit approval. 

Discount codes are valid for use while reserving the service via the Flygbussarna Door to Gate. They cannot be combined with other offers. They cannot be redeemed using third party providers. Under no circumstances will a discount be applied past the expiration date. 

When you make a reservation you will receive an email confirmation with complete reservation and payment details. If you want to get a new email confirmation, you can send one to yourself in the app or on the website. For curbside reservations, it is the customer’s responsibility to ask for a receipt as proof of payment in van. Flygbussarna Door to Gate cannot guarantee the generation of receipts after the fact.

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