Luggage policy

For each passenger, 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on item are allowed. Choose the number of bags you are bringing under "Passenger information" in your booking. You do not need to include your carry-on bag. 

In case of excess luggage like sports equipment, strollers, bikes and large boxes a note has to be made when making your reservation under “Passenger information - special information”, in order for us to make room for your luggage. Excess luggage include checked bags that are more than 23 kg in weight and 250 cm if you combine the length, height and width all together. There will be no extra fees for excess luggage.

If you want to travel with a bike, you will need to choose a non-stop van for your ride. You also have to keep you bike in a cover to get it into the car.

When travelling with skis for a shared ride, a maximum of 3 pairs of skis per booking can be taken into the car. Skis for children do not need to be included in these 3 pairs. If you wish to bring more than 3 pairs of skis or larger ski packages, you will need to choose a non-stop van for your ride .  Please note that you will have to make a note in your booking in the field "Passenger information - specific information" to ensure space in the car. 

If we believe that the amount of luggage will exceed what is possible for your shared ride, we might ask you to change your booking. If you do not give us the right information about the amount of luggage and excess luggage, we can not guarantee that we can bring it when picking you up. You have the posssibility to edit your booking in the app or on the webiste up to two hours before your pickup time.

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