Luggage policy

It is important that you enter the correct number of bags and bulky luggage in time for your trip. You can change your reservation in the app or on our website up to two hours before your pickup time.

If the amount of luggage exceeds our guidelines for a shared ride, we cannot guarantee space in the car for your luggage.

Each passenger in your party can bring a maximum of 1 bag for check-in and 1 hand luggage. Enter the number of bags for the reservation in the field under "Passenger Information". You do not need to enter your hand luggage in the booking.

In addition to the above, your party can also bring special luggage according to the chart below. We consider this bulky luggage and it needs to be entered in the booking under "Passenger Information - Special Information" to guarantee space in the car.
If you book through our iPhone app, enter the information under the "Special Luggage & Special Information" tab.

Bulky luggage also includes suitcases and other items weighing more than 23 kg or where the luggage is larger than the size 158cm x 79cm x 112cm (height x width x depth).


For each party(booking) we allow special luggage (in addition to 1 bag / passenger + hand luggage) according to the chart below. There will be no extra charges.

X = Non-bookable

Special luggage

Shared ride van

Non-stop van

Special information

Golf bag





Maximum 3 pairs

Maximum 9 pairs




Maximum 3

Cover is needed


Maximum 1

Maximum 2

Strollers need to be folded in the car

Wheelchair & walker

Maximum 1

Maximum 2

Wheelchairs or walkers need to be folded in the car



Maximum 2


Bulky suitcases

Maximum 1

Maximum 3


Pet cages

Pet weighing under 11 kg

Pet weighing more than 11 kg

Pets should be placed in a cage or carrier bag during the ride


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