Instructions when traveling from Arlanda

Your pre-booked pickup on Arlanda is not fixed to a specific time, but is regulated according to your arrival schedule. In your booking, you specify the time your flight is supposed to be landing.

 You let us know that you have landed at the airport and are ready for your pickup, by completing your self- check in for Door to Gate. First after checking in, your car will drive up to the desired terminal.

This means that your booking with Door to Gate will not get affected if your flight gets delayed. You can check in for your pickup by:


  • The app: You can check in by simply just opening the app on your phone after landing and click "Yes" when the push request asks you. You can also use the "My trips" page and then click "Check in" on your trip.
  • SMS: You will receive a text message to the specified phone number after you landed. By following the link in the text message, you can start your check-in without having to have the app on your phone.
  • Hosts: Between 07:00-01:30 at terminal 5 bus stop 1-2, 07:30-22:00 at terminal 4 bus stop 6-7 and 08:00-00:30 at terminal 2 bus stop 5-6, our Flygbussarna hosts are available to help you check in for your ride.


After checking in, you will receive instructions to your phone on how to find our pickup location depending on the terminal you indicated you are on. You will also be able to follow your assigned car on a map, as well as contact your driver if required. Your ride will usually pick you up within 20 minutes of check-in. An extended waiting time may occur at special occasions.


Pickup Locations:

Terminal 5 – bus stop 11
Terminal 4 – bus stop 5
Terminal 3 & 2 – bus stop 7-8

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